Username and Password
Username are your NIF/NIE/passport number and your password is your date of birth written in the format DD-MMM-YY. For example: 02-MAI-78

The month is the first three letters of the month in Catalan: January (GEN), February (FEB), March (MAR), April (ABR), May (MAI), June (JUN), July (JUL), August (AGO), September (SET), October (OCT), November (NOV) and December (DES). Do not forget to place hyphens between the day, the month and the year.

User code formats
User code can have different formats, depending on whether it is a NIF, NIE or passport. Specific:

- NIF: 8 Digits + '-' + Letter

- NIE: With possible formats:

- Passport:
As registered in the applications. All numbers and letters.